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Frozen freshness in each package

AgroSprint Ltd. was founded in 1991, which has become one of the leading frozen fruit and vegetable manufacturers in Central Europe. Our headquarters and main processing units are situated in the heart of Hungary, which has been known for its love for traditional agriculture and a high-proportion of cultivable lands. Thanks to the ideal soil quality of Hungary, even the most delicate fruit and vegetable breeds can be grown with safety and high yields.

We know that alimentation and health is a delicate and sensitive issue, which is important to everyone within the constantly growing population. By providing a variety of nutrient-dense, carefully controlled, plant-based frozen products in different units, AgroSprint aims to support families in obtaining and enjoying a balanced diet in an affordable, and convenient way. While we’re satisfying the changing demands of the end-customers, we’re responding to the expectations of our reselling partners with exquisite care. We are a responsible, professional, and traceable partner working for the success of our retail partners and our colleagues alike.

  • 1. Harvesting
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Quick Freezing
  • 4. Optical sorting
  • 5. Packaging, Storage, Logistics
  • 1. Harvesting

    Our top priority is the satisfaction of our reseller partners and the end-customers, this is why we carefully engineer, monitor, and supervise the full lifecycle of our fruits and vegetables, starting from planting, harvesting through manufacturing to logistics.Our local agricultural professionals continuously control the production conditions and processes to make sure our factories and consumers are only supplied with the best domestic ingredients, and to make sure all quality-, and certification requirements are met. We carefully plan every stage of harvesting, which enables us to only deliver the best quality ingredients from our own fields and from the fields of our contractual partners to our processing units.

  • 2. Manufacturing

    Washing, Blanching, Chopping, Quality Control We pay special attention to complying with all safety, security and health measures and regulations throughout the whole product lifecycle. This not only helps us to upkeep the premium quality of our products, but promotes the satisfaction of our employees at the same time. As a result of this modern, automated, and closely controlled sequence, we can guarantee the products’ mouth-watering taste, nutrient-dense pieces, and contribute to the health of the customers.

  • 3. Quick Freezing

    In order to preserve the perfect shape of all pieces, raw materials are treated with great care and professionalism. Thanks to the detailed planning before all processing operations take place, within the matter of hours, fruits and vegetables are frozen to guarantee the preservation of as much of their valuable nutrients as possible. Our elaborately engineered freezing tunnel continuously provides a -40°C air flow, so just in a few minutes, each IQF products’ temperature reaches the necessary value of -18°C. The advantage of this quick-freezing process is that the ice crystals that form within the tissue cells are extremely small, so we can prevent the cell walls of vegetables and fruits from being destroyed. Thanks to this advanced method, the nutritional value and flavour of the defrosted pieces are as close to the freshly harvested produce as possible.

  • 4. Optical sorting

    In order to make sure about the cleanliness of our products, we subject them to a thorough monitoring and sorting process using a top-notch sorting technology. This high-tech solution uses optical and laser sorting methods to filter out fruits and vegetables that still contain even a minute amount of residue, or foreign bodies. Using this method, we can significantly increase the satisfaction of our contracted partners, and their buyers.

  • 5. Packaging, Storage, Logistics

    In the packaging units our professional colleagues oversee the fully automated and undisturbed work of packaging machines and robots, which help us diversify our frozen fruit and vegetable portfolio. In our storage units we also harvest the power of automatization, as a state-of-the-art pallet shuttle system guarantees that everything is stored in the right place.After packaging the products for our national, and international partners, we carefully deliver the necessary quantity to the delivery units with special attention paid to temperature. By constantly monitoring the temperature during delivery, we can ensure that the products ordered from us in bulk reach our partners in top quality and shape. Thanks to this highly-engineered and carefully planned lifecycle, the end-customers can enjoy their nutritious plant-based ingredients right off the shelves of the biggest household brands.

Responsible for the future

Responsible for the future

“The mission of our organization is to increase our customers’ quality of life by providing them with more freetime, and by making their days more enjoyable with the help of readily available, high-quality plant-based options. This way, we are able to contribute to the improvement of their living standards. Our organization’s vision is to turn AgroSprint Ltd. into a leading company within the European IQF segment that all international stakeholders consider as a trustworthy, professional partner and a real value-creator. ”

Gábor Fülöp - Chairman, General manager

Agrosprint in numbers

  • 35

    countries worldwide

  • 6.400


  • 91.000

    tons raw material

  • 323


  • No.1

    company in the
    Hungarian frozen industry

  • 1991

    year of establishment

Our factories

AgroSprint operates two plants in Hungary. One of the freezing units is located in Karcag, while the other plant is situated in Nyírlugos. Both locations are ideally placed near the center of the famous Great Plains, which is the alpha and omega of Hungarian agriculture. As we only use high-quality Hungarian raw materials, the strategically located freezing and processing units help us preserve the freshness and nutrient value of raw materials.

Apart from our plants in Hungary, we also have further subsidiaries, which help us to broaden our product range, to provide a wide-variety of options, and to reach even more international households.

  • Factory in Karcag
  • Factory in Nyírlugos
  • Factory in Breaza