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Address: H-5300 Karcag, Kiss Antal u. 4.
Phone: +36-59 314-241
Fax: +36-59 400-389


H-5300 Karcag, Püspökladányi út.82
H-4371 Nyírlugos-Cserhágó

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  • Factory in Karcag
  • Factory in Nyírlugos
  • Factory in Breaza
  • Factory in Karcag
    Factory in Karcag H-5300 Karcag, Püspökladányi út 82.

    This factory was our first unit in Hungary, which was built in 1998. The production capacity of this factory is diverse, we mainly fulfill those orders here that require a simpler technological background, like sour cherry, black cherry, kidney beans, broccoli, corn or cauliflower. During our 30 years in business, we’ve developed this plant several times technologically, now reaching full automation, which resulted in a 60% and 70% growth in our corn production and manufacturing capacities over the years.

     H-5300 Karcag, Püspökladányi út 82.
  • Factory in Nyírlugos
    Factory in Nyírlugos H-4371 Nyírlugos-Cserhágó

    We decided to expand our manufacturing capacity by purchasing another plant in Nyírlugos in 2008, which is now responsible for the production of more than 25 different types of IQF products. Here, we predominantly produce corn, spinach, green beans, and carrots among other products. This plant is designed to cater to the bulk orders of our manufacturing partners that was further supported by our technological, infrastructural and territorial expansion in 2019-2020.

    H-4371 Nyírlugos-Cserhágó
  • Factory in Breaza
    Factory in Breaza Str. Principala, 18,

    Our subsidiary in Romania, Breaza, is solely responsible for packaging the frozen products made in our factories in Karcag and Nyírlugos, designated for the Romanian market. This domestically popular subsidiary is endowed with a wide customer-base, thus our products can reach most parts of this Central European country as well.

    Str. Principala, 18,


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