Agrosprint Zrt. Is the largest quick-frozen sweet corn processing company in Europe

With the new factory unit of Agrosprint Zrt. being built in Karcag, the largest quick-frozen sweet corn processing company in Europe will be established. Agrosprint Zrt. is a Hungarian-owned family business dealing with the processing and quick-freezing of vegetable and fruit products with a history of more than 30 years, and currently has two production units in Hungary, in Karcag and Nyírlugos.

Between 2021 and 2023, the company will implement a greenfield investment on an area of more than 8 ha in addition to the company’s previous processing plant in Karcag. In the new plant, automated processing will operate on 9,500 m2, which will be connected to a freezer storage capacity of -20 ° C on almost 6,000 m2. A biological wastewater treatment plant will also be established on 1.5 ha for the treatment of wastewater generated during processing.

As a result of the improvements, the company will create more than 60 new jobs for which it has already launched its recruitment campaign. Candidates for the advertised positions for the new manufacturing tasks starting in 2022 will be constantly welcome. Their main product will be frozen sweet corn, but they will also process an additional 15 crops (e.g., green peas, corn, green beans, cherries, sour cherries, pumpkins, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower). The production capacity of the new facility exceeds 35,000 tons of finished products per year, which means the processing of nearly 75 000 tons of intensive arable raw material, which the company sources exclusively from Hungarian producers.

With the current investments, not only the labour market conditions of the micro-regions to be developed will improve, but also the integration of the company’s field crop production throughout the Great Plain. The raw material processing of Agrosprint Zrt. Will increase from the current 90,000 t to 150,000 t in the next 5 years.

To date, Agrosprint Zrt. has established trade relations with 35 countries, which are constantly expanding and extending beyond the continent – serving 70% of the export markets with its products, and the investments will enable them to expand their export markets by more than 50% and enter new international markets.

A significant proportion of their products are used as conventional products, but they also produce a significant proportion of baby food ingredients and organic products. As an important part of the company’s strategy, the future focus will be on product innovation and the development of ready meals for households, in addition to capacity expansion.

In addition to the manufacturing plants in Hungary, the subsidiary in Romania is active in the packaging and sale of frozen fruit and vegetables for retail sale. Today, the company is the market leader in the Romanian retail frozen fruit and vegetables segment. The other active subsidiary is Sprint-Farm Ltd., which provides part of the vegetable and fruit raw materials needed for the parent company’s production on several hundred hectares.