Agrosprint own brands

Apart from selling frozen fruits and vegetables to our partners, we’ve also developed two distinct brands within the AgroSprint organization, in order to appeal to a wider range of consumers, and to better serve the needs of our partners all around the globe.

Sprint Natura

Sprint Natura represents the premium category among all AgroSprint products. All vegetables used in the Sprint Natura vegetable mixes are closely controlled throughout the growing, harvesting, and processing procedure, thus its production flawlessly complies with the strictest European Union and Hungarian Food Industry guidelines.

The all natural growing and processing procedure enables us to label the Sprint Natura products safe for babies and children, as complying with these regulations ensures the production of baby-food quality products. As a result, the Sprint Natura product group is an ideal choice for families with little children or babies because for them it is especially important to stay clear of any artificial materials.

BIO Sprint Natura

The ecological control and certification of AgroSprint Ltd. is performed by one of the most important members of the organic certification system in Hungary, the Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. We are required to comply with several conditions for the manufacturing of ORGANIC products. One of the primary conditions for the processing of organic products is the use of ORGANIC raw materials for the manufacturing, which means that our farmers must have an ORGANIC certificate for such raw materials. Our company’s Bio Sprint Natura private label products proudly bear the ORGANIC logo, this way guaranteeing that these products are free from any contamination caused by synthetic additives.

The products of Sprint Natura BIO come from Hungarian organic farms. The product line prepared this way has had no competitors on the Hungarian market yet. 100% organic, 100% healthy.


The Sprint frozen vegetable and fruit mixes are now our quintessential frozen products, that are loved, and consumed by millions of people around the world. The raw materials used for the Sprint products are sourced from Hungarian producers, and are processed within our own processing plants. Furthermore, our factories are equipped with IFS and BRC quality control systems in order to correspond to the highest quality requirements.

Within the assortment of Sprint products, you will be able to find unique mono fruit and vegetable products.

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